Aira Force, Ullswater

This short forest walk, on National Trust ground near Ullswater, visits one of the most popular waterfalls in the Lake District.


Start: NY399200

Length: 1.0 miles

Duration: 0.75 hours

Grade: Easy

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Waypoint 1. Grid reference NY399200

Waypoint 1 photo

The car park is the start for this walk. It's owned by the National Trust, so members can show their membership cards and park for free. Other visitors must use one of the pay and display machines to buy a ticket. At the time of writing, this was £3 for 2 hours (but do check the charges on arrival). There are only a limited number of spaces and at peak times it can be quite busy.

Waypoint 2. Grid reference NY400200

Waypoint 2 photo

Head towards the gate at the top of the car park. There are information boards to read about the area and a sign directing you along the path to the waterfall which is half a mile away. Follow the signs, keeping to the left at any junctions.

Waypoint 3. Grid reference NY399203

Waypoint 3 photo

After a short while on the left you will see a fallen tree. Unusually, this has had hundreds of coins hammered into the bark. It's therefore known as the "Money Tree".

Waypoint 4. Grid reference NY398205

Waypoint 4 photo

Keep walking upwards. You'll come across 105 steps in total along the walk.

Waypoint 5. Grid reference NY398205

Waypoint 5 photo

At the top, you'll see a bridge crossing the river. The waterfall is directly underneath. Before heading back down the steps on the other side, it's possible to follow the river upstream a little if you wish.

Waypoint 6. Grid reference NY398205

Waypoint 6 photo

The most common view of the waterfall is taken from the bottom and looking back up towards the bridge.

Waypoint 7. Grid reference NY400202

Waypoint 7 photo

Further down the path away from the waterfall is an interesting tree. It has a branch coming horizontally out of the trunk which then curves around at 90 degrees to point straight upwards. Looking back at the tree, it almost looks like a face. The path continues back to the car park where you'll find a cafe and other facilities.