World's End to Llangollen

Although not a particularly difficult walk in terms of ascent, this walk is particularly long and tiring. As an alternative to walking the whole route in one go, it could be split into two shorter walks using two cars. The route involves walking part of the Offa's Dyke path on the way to Llangollen from World's End via Dinas Bran Castle. Then part of the Clwydian Way passing by Valle Crucis Abbey on the way back.


Start: SJ231484

Length: 12.0 miles

Duration: 6.5 hours

Grade: Hard

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Waypoint 1. Grid reference SJ231484

Waypoint 1 photo

The start of this walk is a small car park up the hill from World's End. It's free to park and is open between 8am to 8pm; although there are only limited spaces available.

Waypoint 2. Grid reference SJ231483

Waypoint 2 photo

Leave the car park on turn right heading down the hill. After a short while you'll reach a ford. There are stones to the right for crossing if you wish to keep your feet dry.

Waypoint 3. Grid reference SJ231478

Waypoint 3 photo

Just after the ford and around the bend is a gate with a slate sign showing the way to Trevor which is 6.5 miles away. Go through the gate and follow the well defined footpath. This is part of the Offa's Dyke path.

Waypoint 4. Grid reference SJ221469

Waypoint 4 photo

The path continues for several miles following the line of the limestone cliffs to the left. Some parts should be taken with care where the path narrows. Also, beware of rocks which may roll down the hill if disturbed by the resident sheep.

Waypoint 5. Grid reference SJ217453

Waypoint 5 photo

Eventually you'll reach a gate and a road. Continue straight on up the slight hill.

Waypoint 6. Grid reference SJ216446

Waypoint 6 photo

After a short while you'll see Dinas Bran Castle on the hill. Keep to the left where the road bends off to the right. There are signs for a tea room; follow those; although this walks doesn't go as far as that.

Waypoint 7. Grid reference SJ226433

Waypoint 7 photo

There's a cattle grid at the start of the path up to the castle and a gate on the right just afterwards.

Waypoint 8. Grid reference SJ222430

Waypoint 8 photo

The castle is ruined and gives fantastic views both northwards giving a good view of the start of this walk and also to the south over the town of Llangollen.

Waypoint 9. Grid reference SJ221430

Waypoint 9 photo

The way down the hill from the castle is on the opposite side to the path up the hill. It winds gently down the hill.

Waypoint 10. Grid reference SJ215428

Waypoint 10 photo

Simply keep going in a straight line following the signs along the "Dee Valley Way".

Waypoint 11. Grid reference SJ214423

Waypoint 11 photo

Cross the canal over the footbridge, then follow the road down the hill and turn right on reaching the main road.

Waypoint 12. Grid reference SJ214422

Waypoint 12 photo

The view from the bridge is popular with visitors. As is the railway station and nearby cafes. Many shops sell local produce which is well worth buying. It's a good idea to have a break at this point to recharge, although do remember that you're only half way through the walk if you need to get back to your car before the car park closes.

Waypoint 13. Grid reference SJ213422

Waypoint 13 photo

Just past the bridge, on the same side of the river as the castle is a sign pointing towards the canal. Follow this up the hill and turn left following the canal.

Waypoint 14. Grid reference SJ206436

Waypoint 14 photo

You'll pass a small marina, then go under the main road and eventually come across another bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right at the road to come back on yourself.

Waypoint 15. Grid reference SJ207436

Waypoint 15 photo

On the other side of the road is a sign pointing towards Valle Crucis Abbey.

Waypoint 16. Grid reference SJ205439

Waypoint 16 photo

The path is part of the Clwydian Way and passes past farm buildings and through fields. It then leads onto a track which you follow for a while.

Waypoint 17. Grid reference SJ205442

Waypoint 17 photo

The abbey can be seen on the left through the trees. There's a path leading off towards the abbey if you fancy a closer look.

Waypoint 18. Grid reference SJ204445

Waypoint 18 photo

Follow the signposts for Tan-y-Fron.

Waypoint 19. Grid reference SJ207458

Waypoint 19 photo

At the next road, turn right and up the slight hill.

Waypoint 20. Grid reference SJ214459

Waypoint 20 photo

The road leads into the village of Eglwyseg where there's a noticeboard at a T-junction. Turn left and follow the road and signs back to World's End. You'll eventually see the ford you crossed at the start and the hill leading back to the car park.