Walks in the area covered by Ordnance Survey Explorer Map OL5 - "The English Lakes: NE"
Title Length
Hallin Fell from Martindale Church, Sandwick 2 Easy
Great How, a short ascent above Thirlmere 2 Easy
A circuit of Gowbarrow Fell, Ullswater 3.5 Moderate
Raven Crag, the Benn & Shoulthwaite Gill near Thirlmere 4 Moderate
Harter Fell & Nan Bield Pass from Mardale Head 4.5 Moderate
Thirlmere 5 Easy
Blencathra via Sharp Edge from Scales 5 Hard
High Rigg, Legburthwaite 5.5 Easy
Birks & Arnison Crag from Patterdale 5.5 Moderate
High Rigg from Legburthwaite 5.5 Easy
Gray Crag and Pasture Beck from Hartsop village 5.5 Moderate
The Corpse Road and Selside Pike from Mardale 6 Moderate
Blencathra via Hall's Fell ridge from Scales 6 Hard
Thornthwaite Beacon & High Street from Hartsop 6.5 Moderate
The Angletarn Pikes from Hartsop 7 Moderate
Red Tarn & Grisedale from Glenridding 7 Moderate
Helvellyn & Raise from Swirls 7 Hard
High Street & Kidsty Pike from Mardale Head 7.5 Moderate
Place Fell from Patterdale 7.5 Moderate
Calfhow Pike & the Dodds from Legburthwaite 7.5 Moderate
Bannerdale Crags & Souther Fell 7.5 Moderate
The Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags from Hartsop 8 Moderate
Blencathra via Foule Crag from Scales 8 Hard
Helvellyn & Dollywaggon Pike from Wythburn 8 Moderate
Helvellyn & Wythburn from Swirls 8.5 Hard
Arthur's Pike & Loadpot Hill from Martindale 9 Moderate
Bannerdale, Boredale & Beda Head from Martindale 9 Moderate
Helvellyn via Striding and Swirral Edges 9.5 Hard
Hartsop Dodd, Stony Cove Pike, High St. & The Knott 10 Hard
A Martindale High-level Circuit 11 Hard
Around Hayeswater and Angle Tarn From Hartsop 11.5 Hard
Circuit of Boredale from Patterdale 11.5 Hard
St. Sunday Crag & Helvellyn from Glenridding 11.5 Hard
Helvellyn & Fairfield Horseshoe from Patterdale 13 Very hard
Shap to Patterdale 15.9 Very hard
Patterdale to Rosthwaite 13.9 Very hard
Patterdale to Shap 15.5 Very hard
Blencathra (Hall's Fell) 4.3 Moderate
Blencathra (Sharp Edge) 6.6 Hard
Carrock Fell to Great Calva 11.4 Hard
Hart Side and Great Dodd 10.2 Hard
Helvellyn to Great Dodd 9.6 Hard
Catstye Cam to Dollywagon Pike 9.7 Hard
Helvellyn and Sheffield Pike 9.6 Hard
Dollywagon Pike and St. Sunday Crag 10.1 Hard
Mardale Ill Bell to Wether Hill 12.4 Hard
The Knott to Place Fell 13.6 Hard
Beda Fell and The Nab 8.4 Hard
Kidsty Pike and Caudale Moor 9.6 Hard
Red Screes and Hart Crag 10 Hard
Deepdale Round 10.4 Hard
Patterdale to Silver Crag - Lake District 4 Moderate
Carrock Fell & High Pike from Mosedale 7 Moderate
Carrock Fell, High Pike and Knott from Mosedale 11 Moderate
Helvellyn from Wythburn 6.6 Moderate
Red Tarn, from Glenridding 6 Moderate
Around Watermillock Common, from Dockray 5.25 Moderate
A circular walk around Brotherswater 4.3 Easy
Aira Force, Ullswater 1.84 Easy

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* All walk difficulties should be used as a guide - you should determine for yourself before setting off on a walk whether it is suitable for your skill and fitness level.

Walks close to the edge of a map may be covered by an adjacent map.