Bickerton Hill and Maiden Castle

This gentle walk on Bickerton Hill is ideal for a Sunday afternoon...

Start GPS coordinate 53.072203, -2.742883
Approximate Length 2.15 miles
Approximate Duration 58 minutes
Grade Easy

Waypoint 1

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.072217, -2.74288

The car park at the bottom of Bickerton Hill is the best place to start this walk. It's open during daylight hours and accessible via a bumpy single track lane so take this slowly and beware of oncoming traffic. Head through the gate and up the hill passing the information sign on the right. This also details other footpaths in the area should you wish to take alternative routes.

Waypoint 1 photo

Waypoint 2

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.074273, -2.745922

When the footpath forks, take the right hand branch and after a short while you'll see a signpost. Turn left towards Larkton Hill and Whitchurch. From this point, the path is part of the Sandstone Trail.

Waypoint 2 photo

Waypoint 3

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.073455, -2.747022

The path heads higher up some sandstone steps. Keep following the round yellow Sandstone Trail markers whenever the path branches off.

Waypoint 3 photo

Waypoint 4

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.071595, -2.750473

From the top of the steps, there are good view of the Cheshire Plain and towards Liverpool and Wrexham.

Waypoint 4 photo

Waypoint 5

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.070247, -2.75174

The area of Maiden Castle can be seen on the left and is distinguished by two semi circular ramparts covered by heather and bracken.

Waypoint 5 photo

Waypoint 6

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.07017, -2.75156

There's an information sign at this point too which gives further details of the area and an illustration of how the area might have looked.

Waypoint 6 photo

Waypoint 7

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.07018, -2.751897

There are three possible footpaths to take from this point. This walk continues by following the Sandstone Trail sign to the west down the narrower stone path.

Waypoint 7 photo

Waypoint 8

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.06988, -2.752457

Then bear to the right down the hill where the path splits. At this point there are more sandstone steps which are less defined than the previous ones. This section could be slippery when wet so take care. The path continues into the trees.

Waypoint 8 photo

Waypoint 9

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.069632, -2.754435

At the bottom of the hill there's a further signpost. Turn left down the hill.

Waypoint 9 photo

Waypoint 10

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.06931, -2.754937

Pass through the gate and then follow the path to the right of the stone wall down the hill. At the bottom is a Sandstone Trail information sign and a signpost directing you to the left. The path then takes a sharp left and right which isn't particularly obvious, but then becomes a well defined path. Continue around the base of Larkton hill which will be on the left. To the right you'll see views over the countryside of Cheshire and Shropshire.

Waypoint 10 photo

Waypoint 11

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.064133, -2.747237

The Sandstone Trail then breaks off across fields to the south.

Waypoint 11 photo

Waypoint 12

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.064138, -2.74723

Do not however go through the gate as this walk takes the footpath straight on to continue to follow the base of the hill.

Waypoint 12 photo

Waypoint 13

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.06505, -2.74534

When you see the path split, take the right hand branch following the stone wall around to the right. You'll come to a gate leaving the trees and on to a short lane leading to a country road.

Waypoint 13 photo

Waypoint 14

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.06559, -2.743568

Turn left and follow the road. Be careful of traffic as parts of it can be narrow, although there is a grass verge for most of it.

Waypoint 14 photo

Waypoint 15

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.07, -2.740653

After a short while you'll come across the pond near the car park.

Waypoint 15 photo

Waypoint 16

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.070262, -2.740872

Walk up the sandy track that you drove along earlier and it will lead back to the car park.

Waypoint 16 photo