Cwm Prysor Viaduct, Trawsfynydd

This walk follows part of the route of the now disused (and dismantled) Great Western Railway line from Bala to Ffestiniog.

Start: SH784386

Length: 5.0 miles

Duration: 2.75 hours

Grade: Easy

Waypoint 1. Grid reference SH784386

Waypoint 1 photo

The best way to do this walk is by taking two cars and parking one near the end SH727360, then driving to the start in the other. Park in the layby at SH784386 and follow the track to the north-west.

Waypoint 2. Grid reference SH775387

Waypoint 2 photo

The Cwm Prysor viaduct which crosses the Afon Prysor (river) will come into sight after a short while. It is 120ft high and has nine arches.

Waypoint 3. Grid reference SH769378

Waypoint 3 photo

Continue west along the well defined trackbed. There really aren't many further directions other than to keep going. There are a couple of sections which can be particularly muddy at all times of the year it would seem.

Waypoint 4. Grid reference SH727360

There were a couple of station platforms along the route which are no longer to be seen, and a small brick hut. At the end you will find a stile leading on to a small road leading off the main road. Although the Ordnance Survey map indicates that the line continues, it wasn’t obvious if this is easily accessible or indeed permitted.