Grinshill Hill via Clive Church

A gentle starting walk from Grinshill, near Shrewsbury in North Shropshire, which becomes slightly more strenuous from Clive during the ascent of Grinshill Hill. The fantastic view from the top looks out over both Shropshire and towards Cheshire.

Start: SJ520236

Length: 2.5 miles

Duration: 1.25 hours

Grade: Moderate

Waypoint 1. Grid reference SJ520236

Waypoint 1 photo

The village hall in Grinshill has a small car park which is the start for this walk. From the car park, follow the track back to the road passing through Grinshill.

Waypoint 2. Grid reference SJ520234

Waypoint 2 photo

You will most likely be able to see the sign for the Inn public house which is ideally located for a well deserved drink after the walk.

Waypoint 3. Grid reference SJ519234

Waypoint 3 photo

However, for now, you should follow the road heading away from the pub in a westerly direction.

Waypoint 4. Grid reference SJ515231

Waypoint 4 photo

The direction that you will be heading should be towards the village of Clive.

Waypoint 5. Grid reference SJ512233

Waypoint 5 photo

Again, follow the sign for Clive.

Waypoint 6. Grid reference SJ513240

Waypoint 6 photo

The village church will come in to view as you climb the hill. At this point, you could take the track which leads past the side of the church entrance, or have a look around the graveyard and then take the steps which lead up the hill. Either route should be followed until you pass the school buildings on your left.

Waypoint 7. Grid reference SJ516239

Waypoint 7 photo

After the school is a sign for "Corbet Wood & Grinshill local nature reserve". Take the path to the right of the sign.

Waypoint 8. Grid reference SJ518237

Waypoint 8 photo

You will start to see the top of the hill coming in to view with a dial indicating the direction of points of interest, such as RAF Shawbury, the Cheshire Plain and other walking areas like the Wrekin, Long Mynd and Berwyns in the distance.

Waypoint 9. Grid reference SJ518237

Waypoint 9 photo

On a clear day the views are excellent.

Waypoint 10. Grid reference SJ518237

Waypoint 10 photo

The route down is on the other side of the hill. To the right of the path which led to the top of the hill is another track heading north.

Waypoint 11. Grid reference SJ519238

Waypoint 11 photo

Follow the path through the forest, taking care as some parts could be slippy if it's been wet.

Waypoint 12. Grid reference SJ520239

Waypoint 12 photo

Eventually you will come to a road at the edge of the nature reserve. Turn right.

Waypoint 13. Grid reference SJ521239

Waypoint 13 photo

After the bend is a signpost indicating the Shropshire Way. Turn right and follow the path down the hill.

Waypoint 14. Grid reference SJ521239

Waypoint 14 photo

This leads to quite a large cutting in the sandstone and is an interesting area to wander around, particularly towards the end of the day when the setting sun can shine through the trees and the leaves catch the rays.

Waypoint 15. Grid reference SJ522239

Waypoint 15 photo

Continue down the hill, walking through the cutting and past the steps on the left.

Waypoint 16. Grid reference SJ520236

Waypoint 16 photo

In a short while you will see the village hall once again and know that a well earned drink at the Inn is just around the corner.