Nant Mill and Plas Power Woods (walking towards Minera)

This woodland walk starting at the Nant Mill visitor centre follows the river Clywedog upstream.

Start GPS coordinate 53.04322875987281, -3.0611181907364564
Approximate Length 2.31 miles
Approximate Duration 61 minutes
Grade Easy
Waypoint 1 photo

Waypoint 1

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04333745650505, -3.0611270850081294

At Nant Mill visitor centre there is a pay and display car park.

Waypoint 2 photo

Waypoint 2

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04333095720685, -3.0622671638912364

Walk to the ford where the road crosses the river and go upstream. Keep to the right and go past the playground where there's a bridge over the river. Turn right and follow Wood Cottage Lane up the hill.

Waypoint 3 photo

Waypoint 3

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.0438632181739, -3.0633028505723465

Go through the gate into Nant Mill Woods.

Waypoint 4 photo

Waypoint 4

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04408068289147, -3.063768284970932

There are lots of streams joining the main river and small bridges crossing them.

Waypoint 5 photo

Waypoint 5

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04477650930521, -3.0656209202784277

As the path climbs, the river is quite a way below.

Waypoint 6 photo

Waypoint 6

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04506533824317, -3.06837997331857

Go down the steps where it can be quite muddy when it’s been wet.

Waypoint 7 photo

Waypoint 7

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04524856062908, -3.068664896385618

The orange colour of the river is probably from the nearby Minera Lead Mines which are in the upstream direction.

Waypoint 8 photo

Waypoint 8

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04520610611637, -3.068935935331821

Go up the steps.

Waypoint 9 photo

Waypoint 9

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.046946096468076, -3.0711849624456002

You'll then come to another ford, a bridge and a red phone box in a garden. There are paths either side of the river at this point or you can turn around and head back on the route you've taken.

Waypoint 10 photo

Waypoint 10

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.044577984096136, -3.064257428656326

Keep to the right and don't cross over the bridge.

Waypoint 11 photo

Waypoint 11

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04397739135601, -3.063347674023951

When you get to the road turn left and go down the hill.

Waypoint 12 photo

Waypoint 12

Approximate GPS co-ordinate: 53.04346921881809, -3.061886602965592

You'll then be back at the car park where there are picnic benches to have lunch.